Lost Confidence

I seriously want to escape from my life right now. I am so lost and my life has been going nowhere these past few days. I don’t know when I started to lose my confidence. Was it in my high school days? College days? 

Eventhough I already have a degree, I still find myself being devoured by the crowd. My heart is in my mouth that I could hardly breathe. There were times when I tell myself that it was okay and I can do it, but I ended up regretting how I performed. It is so frustrating. 

Now that I am thinking about it, this lack of confidence has pulled me down that it is hard for me to get up.


One thought on “Lost Confidence

  1. I can imagine what you are felling because currently i am also going through it but to do anything you need to believe in yourself first because it’s always ” you vs you” an if you win this self battle you will win on everything comes your way keep going …………….

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