1. Students’ feedback affects me more that it should. 

Yes, it may be a good thing because it only shows that I care but it becomes a negative thing to me. I tend to be more conscious to the point that I am not happy with the effort that I exert.

2. I feel unappreciated.

Teaching is never an easy job. Your job does not stop after you leave the school. You sometimes take home some papers even though it’s a holiday. What pains me a lot is to see my students not doing their part at all.

3. I always think about quitting.

It’s funny how I always search “other jobs for teachers” on the internet. It’s difficult to wake up in the morning thinking if you’re gonna make it throughout the day. 

4. I hate it but I keep doing it.

I care so much for my students that although I feel stuck in this job, I still try my best to be a good teacher to them. Of course I won’t neglect my work just because I hate it!

5. I want to quit but I don’t know what to do after.

I know that my passion includes make up and writing but I doubt if I could make a profit if I pursue them. 


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