Magical Moment

​Lately, I have been thinking of changing my career.  It is really hard to do something you are not passionate about. Although I am teaching only for about four months, I felt like I should not be here anymore. 

There were few times when I felt like I was finally embracing teaching as my profession. Whenever my students do something great, I feel so delighted that I could not ask for more. The problem occurs when they do not do their part. This is when my passion starts to fade. It easily fades. Maybe it happens because it was not my first love. Instead of being challenged to motivate my students, what I felt was hopelessness. I thought I will be stuck in this situation for the rest of the year, but it is gradually changing.

I find it magical how a simple gesture gives us inspiration to do something. A gesture that will make us realize how other people value us. It happened when one of my students invited me to eat with them.  I declined because I still had a class to attend. She then asked me what I want to have (food) and I jokingly answered her, “Katahimikan (silence)”. The reason why I answered that was because their class is the nosiest one that I am currently handling. She laughed and said, “Weh? Ano nga po, Ma’am? (What is it really, Ma’am?)”. I left her smiling and went to my next class. 

After my last class, I was in the faculty room when she knocked and shyly handed me what I “want”. It was a chip that has a label on top that says “Katahimikan (silence)”. I never thought that she would do such clever thing. I thanked her and a smile flashed on my face. It definitely melted my heart.

That simple act made me feel that there is a student that is willing to do something just to see me smiling and just to show how she appreciates me. It was indeed a magical moment to me. How it suddenly fueled my passion to teach wholeheartedly again. I just wish that this feeling will not last for just a couple of weeks. I hope I get to be inspired every single day.


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