Explore While Young

I always say that being twenty should be a start for a change. Like doing things that I never did before. (Well, good things at least) So when the semestral break came, I joined my high school friends’ escapade. We headed south, Batangas.
For a person who only does reading and watching at home, mountain hiking is really a challenging activity. Yes, we hiked on Mt. Talamitan in Nasugbu, Batangas! I never imagined myself in that situation.


For those who barely know me, they would bet that I am not gonna do this. As in NEVER. But I did! It took us almost three hours before we got on top of the mountain. We actually spent that three hours for walking, talking, and joking under the scorching sun. Our tour guide said that we could have been on top within two hours if we did not stop to rest. Well, we really needed to rest that time. We regret to carry our heavy bags with us. We had a choice to leave it in our tour guide’s house but we didn’t. We never expected that hiking would be that hard. Also, we had a water shortage. Again, we never expected that hiking would be that tiring. As we walked and walked and walked, it really became harder. To the point that I told myself that I will never do it again. It felt like endless. I thought it was really endless until I got to the top.


God! We did it!

I am so tired!!!” my friends kept on saying.

And we’ll all laugh.

We waited for the sunset and it was indeed beautiful. It was really different to look at it when you were on a high place. It felt good to be closer with nature. Far from the city and pollution. Just you and the nature.


We stayed there overnight and built our tent. It was cold that night and the wind blew really hard. Luckily, we brought jackets and blankets to keep us warm. When we went down the next day, we looked at the mountain behind us.


It may not look high but it is! And it was very challenging to hike! An activity that was new to me. I must admit that my free time was always spent in watching movies, reading books, and going to the mall. Mountain hiking was something different that I enjoyed doing. I was so happy that I did this thing now. While I am still young. I realized that sometimes, we need to explore new things. Explore beyond what we always do. Seek for some adventures while we are young. Someday, we may regret not doing things when we still can.

Explore Philippines! Let us jump for that! 🙂


Comments are very welcome 🙂 ⬇


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