This is the second book of Jenny Han that I have read. The first one is To All The Boys I Loved Before which I really had a great time reading. I even recommended it to my friend for her to read and to enjoy. Sadly, I haven’t written a review about it. Well, maybe I will after I read the sequel of it. Anyway, I just finished reading the second one. It is entitled SHUG and I find it quite good. Although the plot is simple, I enjoyed reading a twelve-year-old girl’s point of view. It is just so funny to think how American girls (in that story at least) differ from the girls in our country (Philippines).
I guess I can say that being twelve-years old is just too young here to experience those things that have happened in the book. Like kissing a guy who’s not even your boyfriend will be a real crime. If your parents knew that you did such thing, you are dead! Really dead! Haha Despite these differences, it is interesting to know how being a teenager is such a big deal to everyone no matter what country you belong. Not just being a teenager but also being a part of a family. Family is indeed a great factor in our life. We stand with that belief, and I can’t deny the fact that it is one of the reasons why we don’t have divorce in the Philippines.
Anyway, have you also read this book? What can you say about it? 🙂

Cath xx


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