What’s happening in the world?

     I have been hearing news about the encounter in Mamasapano town in Maguindanao whereas 44 PNP SAF commandos were brutally killed. This is of course a very disturbing news that most of us can’t help but to be sad about. So now I am asking myself: What is happening in the world? Why would people do such inhuman act? Can’t we just respect each other’s differences? I fear that I will die seeing this world filled with cruelty.
     With what’s happening nowadays, I will not be surprised if everyone’s feeling unsafe. Crimes and other disgusting acts are everywhere. Humans are becoming dangerous. Dangerous enough that they don’t care who are they hurting. They do crazy things even though their minds are perfectly normal. Maybe these people have something to fight for, but do they really need to steal lives? I always believe that people are interconnected with each other and if you take one life, you will take the lives of many. Friends will mourn. Children will weep. Wife/Husband will bleed. Parents will feel like dying every single day. We ARE interconnected.
     I always pray that the world will be an ideal place to live in. I know it will happen. Probably not now, but I hope it will.


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